Mentoring and Coaching


Mentoring is a personal enhancement strategy through which one person facilitates the development of another by sharing known resources, expertise, perspectives, techniques, skills and proficiencies. It brings value to the business by maximizing the talent and enhancing the productivity of your employees while bridging the skill gap and reinforcing learning for project success. Mentors assimilate and facilitate the methodologies, technologies, and practical experiences of the classroom through an on-the-job and on-the-project experience that produces real-world results.

Features and Benefits:

• Increases knowledge and skills application
• Generates greater understanding and acceptance of process and skills
• Enhances opportunities for growth and career advancement
• Accelerates skills development, on-the-job productivity and retention of knowledge
• Proven method to share ideas, try new skills, collaborate and take calculated risks
• Enables a smooth transition from learning to application
• Reduces the costs of producing projects and accelerates time to market
• Enhances capacity to translate strategies into productive actions
• Bridges the conceptual and skills gap
• Provides expert facilitation during and after project development

 Productivity: “Managerial productivity increased by 88% when mentoring was involved, versus only a 24% increase with training alone” (Source ASTD)

Retention: “77% of companies report that mentoring programs were effective in increasing retention” (Source: The Center of Creative Leadership)