Business Analysis Methodology & Roll Out

The business analyst (BA) has emerged as a pivotal link in ensuring the successful specification of requirements. Their goal is to deliver effective business solutions and business process transformations.

However, to be successful, a business analyst should follow a methodology that provides them with just enough process, tools, and guidelines so they can progress efficiently and overcome the complexities and vagaries of a project.

The Projex Group can help your organization create or enhance your business analysis methodology with a structured approach which improves the tasks associated with elicitation, analysis, specification, and verification.

We use a proven seven step process to evaluate your organization’s current methodology and provide recommendations on process, deliverables, techniques, and workflow. Here is the seven step process:

  • Assessment of the current state
  • Determination of desired future state
  • Analysis of gaps
  • Specification of desired level of maturity
  • Development of competency model
  • Dissemination of improvements
  • Maintenance and continuous enhancement of new competencies