BA22-Business Visioning Workshop

Course Duration: 1-3 days

Course Abstract:
Today’s organizations require a technique that can extend beyond the conventional role of developing and maintaining IT systems. They require people who can understand the business strategy, use techniques to analyze the business area, and identify changes to business processes needed to deal with internal and external challenges.

Course Overview:
This workshop develops the skills needed to work with senior business and Information Technology staff to initiate projects, conduct high level feasibility studies, analyze and model business activities and effectively write business requirements.  Participants will learn how to use a Business Vision document to help them investigate business problems and learn how to identify and recommend appropriate creative solutions.

The Projex Group encourages our clients to use their own project as the basis for the workshop. Experiencing the “live” development of a Business Case for a “real” project is a powerful learning technique. However, only one project can be considered for each session.  Coordination with the facilitator and pre-work by the participants are required prior to the class if this option is considered.  This version of the workshop typically requires 3 days of effort from our Certified Facilitator. If the participants choose the project-specific version of this workshop, the following is required by the facilitator one week prior to the class:

  • A completed project questionnaire
  • A brief overview of the project


  • Business Case Template

Intended Audience:
This workshop is intended for anyone who needs to discover, analyze, and document a better business process.   Specifically this course will help business sponsors, business analysts, and project managers with business visioning.

Learning Objectives:
By taking this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Assess a business problem and its related processes
  • Identify stakeholders and evaluate their expectations
  • Define business objectives, risks, and constraints
  • Develop a business-level context diagram
  • Analyze possible options to address the business problem
  • Draw current and future state activity diagrams
  • Define high-level Business Requirements
  • Define measurable success criteria

Workshop Introduction

Part I: Preparation and Fact finding

  • Facilitator View
    What is Business Visioning
    Why do you need Business Visioning
    How does it fit within the Requirements Framework?
    The Business Vision Document
  • Sponsor View
    Project Business Objectives
    Establish how the project objectives align with the Organizational Vision
    Review Critical Assumptions and Constraints

Part II: Business Process Modeling 

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Risks and Sensitivities
  • Business Context Diagram
  • Current State Business Process Modeling
  • Opportunities for Improvement

Part III: Business Visioning Implementation

  • Future State Business Process Modeling
  • Analysis of Options
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Measurable Success Criteria
  • Review of Business Vision Document


Download PDF:
BA22-Business Visioning Workshop – 1 to 3 days