Requirements Template Development

The basic components to competent requirements management is planning, people, process, and templates; all inter-related and not separate.

But a lot of companies have not updated their requirements templates as the needs of their organization has changed. The infamous business requirements document (BRD), or functional requirements specification (FRS) are difficult to fill-out, and sections are often left blank, because they are no longer appropriate or just plain confusing to understand.

If your requirements templates have not changed despite your desire for a lighter, more flexible process, this could be a significant cause of the requirement problems you seek to resolve.

The Projex Group understands the importance of having well-structured, streamlined, integrated templates that match the methodology and culture of your organization. Using a proven approach, we will review critical factors within your requirements process then update or replace your current templates to significantly improve the requirements elicitation, analysis, and documentation processes within your organization.