AGILE Adoption

Improve the Way You Create Software

Sweeping change can create chaos in an organization. Agile development addresses this change logically, and the Projex Group works very closely with your organization to identify areas of opportunity and make small incremental improvements.

The result.

Your development team will competently adopt and implement Agile and improve the way your organization develops software.

As more organizations attempt to improve their software development processes, increasing focus is being placed on adopting Agile practices.

Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile is not only a big change, but also a change that needs to happen at an organizational level. Leading such changes requires a clear vision about the end goal and must effectively communicate the vision to all.

Under The Projex Group’s expert guidance, your team will experience a smooth transition from Waterfall to Agile by using industry-tested and proven techniques for the assessment, adoption, and sustainment of Agile values, principles and practices. But more importantly, your team will experience these improvements in a way that will ensure a smooth, successful transition to Agile.

The Projex Group follows a 7-step process to help companies transition from a Waterfall methodology to an Agile approach.