Project Rescue and Recovery

Failed projects can have a catastrophic effect on the success and or continuance of organizations. According to a recent finding from the Center for Business Practices (CBP) approximately 50% of an organization’s projects are at risk at any given time. With so much at stake, early
detection and action is critical to avoid substantial loss and or devastation.

The Projex Group addresses project recovery at both the organizational and individual project levels. Based on your specific need we provide three service offerings to help your organization get your projects back on track as quick as possible.

Identification of Troubled Projects

  • Develop a standard Project Review and Recovery Process to monitor and identify which programs and or projects are candidates for review and or interventionScreenshot 2015-03-02 17.18.53

Project Rescue & Recovery

  • Develop and implement a Project Rescue & Recovery Plan. Define most effective way to proceed with the program and or project. Mentor and coach throughout the process.

Continuous Improvement

  • Capitalizing and institutionalizing Lessons Learned can dramatically reduce repeat mistakes. The Projex Group will help you establish and maintain the process for capturing, evaluating, and institutionalizing lessons learned to improve performance across all projects.

To find out how The Projex Group can help you get your projects back on track and avoid costly mistakes contact us today. We have the answers to the above questions!