Quality Management

Credits 1.4 CEUs / 14 PDUs

2 Days

Course description
This course focuses on both the management of product quality and the management of the process quality for creating project deliverables. It provides exposure to the tools, techniques, and metrics used to ensure that sufficient product and process quality is achieved. It includes exercises which allow attendees to learn how to plan quality into a project and determine key metrics to manage project and process quality.

Who should attend
This course is primarily designed for project managers or individuals who have had project management training or experience, including exposure to basic project management techniques such as scope, activity, and resource planning. Individuals taking this course should have experience working on project teams.

What you will achieve

An understanding of the relationship between quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control
An understanding of numerous tools and techniques which can be used to monitor and improve quality
The ability to develop and track key quality metrics to satisfy customer needs
The ability to determine process metrics to maintain quality standards
An understanding of the responsibilities of senior management, the project manager, and project team members to ensure the existence of an adequate quality management process

What you will learn

Project Quality Management Principles – the language and practice of quality management as it applies to the project management life-cycle
Product Quality vs. Process Quality – the understanding of how quality management applies to both the deliverables from the project and the processes used to produce those deliverables
Tools for Project Quality Management – the ability to use a variety of tools to assess, monitor, and resolve product and process quality issues
Models for Continuous Quality Improvement of the Project Management Process – the understanding of the relationship between project management processes and the critical success factors of the enterprise, and the ability to construct continuous quality initiatives to assure success

Course Content
Day 1

  1. Introduction to Project Quality Management
    Session Overview
    Course Objectives
    Exercise – Product on a Page
  1. Project Quality Core Concepts
    What is Quality?
    Exercise – Develop a definition for Quality
    Quality Core Concepts
    The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
    The Quality Gurus and their theories
    What is Project Quality Management?
    Quality Management and Project Management Disciplines
    Quality terms and definitions
    Product and Process Quality
    Cost of Quality
    Project objectives
    The Triple Constraint
    Exercise – Case Study – Determine the project’s Quality objectives
    PMBOK® Guide Processes
  1. Plan Quality
    Planning processes
    Project Quality Management processes
    Project Quality Management processes key outputs
    Plan Quality process
    Plan Quality Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs
    Requirements Traceability Matrix
    Sample Requirements Traceability Matrix
    Exercise – Fill in a Requirements Traceability Matrix
    Plan Quality Tools and Techniques
    Design of Experiments
    Exercise – Document a Process
    Project Subsidiary Management Plans
    Project Quality Management Plan
    Quality Metrics
    Quality Checklists
    Exercise – Complete a Project Quality Management Plan template

Day 2

Process Improvement Plan
Exercise – Create a Process Improvement Plan
Setting the Performance Measurement Baselines

  1. Perform Quality Assurance
    The Perform Quality Assurance process
    Perform Quality Assurance – Tools and Techniques
    Quality Audits
    Process Analysis
    Exercise – Plan a Quality Audit
    Plan Quality Assurance Outputs
  1. Perform Quality Control
    Monitoring & Controlling Processes
    The Perform Quality Control process
    Product Quality vs. Process Quality
    Using Statistics to Forecast
    Probability Distributions
    Standard Deviation
    Perform Quality Control Inputs
    Quality Tools
    Cause and Effect Diagrams
    Exercise – Create a Fishbone Diagram
    Control Charts
    Pareto Chart
    Exercise – Create a Pareto Chart
    Run Chart
    Scatter Diagram
    Statistical Sampling
    Verify Scope vs Perform Quality Control
    Change Requests
    Corrective action
    Preventive action
    Defect repair
    Perform Integrated Change Control
    Calculating Variance


6.  Class Closeout
Maintenance/Support Activities
Maintenance/Support Concerns
Discussion – What typically happens during project closeout?
Organizational Process Assets Updates
Lessons Learned
Exercise – Final Scenario
Class Closure






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Quality Management